A Century of Manitoba Jewish Physicians 

A Century of Manitoba Jewish Physicians seeks to create an Archive for the Manitoba Jewish medical community. This Archive will be used to develop an informational website as well as an historical book on the contributions and experiences of Manitoba Jewish Physicians.

You can participate in this project by contributing information you may have on the names of Physicians listed below.

How it works
Click the buttons below to browse the list of physicians by Name or Area of Specialization/Practice. Once you have selected a physician, you will be prompted to add information by completing a Questionnaire Form
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The University of Manitoba has done is due diligence in determining copyright and privacy rights for the content contained in A Century of Manitoba Jewish Physicians. However, we are eager to hear from any rights owners who may feel that their rights are being infringed upon. Upon request, we will remove content from public view while we address any rights issues. Click here for more info.
Project created with the support of the Manitoba Heritage Grants Program
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