Take-Down Policy


The University of Manitoba makes content within the A Century of Manitoba Jewish Physicians publicly accessible (no authentication to the system required) in the following situations:

 Content is in the public domain

 The rights to the content are owned by the University of Manitoba

 The University of Manitoba has obtained permission to make the content publicly accessible, or

 There are no known restrictions on use of the content

If you have a legitimate complaint about the content in A Century of Manitoba Jewish Physicians  please send the following information to the site administrator at Jordan.Bass@umanitoba.ca: your contact details, the URL(s) of the disputed content, and the nature of your complaint.

The following are considered legitimate complaints:

 The content infringes upon your copyright (including moral rights protected by Canadian copyright legislation)

 The content infringes upon your privacy rights

 The content is offensive or unacceptable in some other way Upon receipt of a complaint:

 The site administrator will review the complaint. If considered reasonable, the content will be removed from public view as soon as possible.

 The complainant and the University’s unit/department that contributed the content will be notified of the action taken.

 If the content is removed from public view the complaint will be reviewed by the site administrator and the University of Manitoba Libraries. If necessary, University of Manitoba Legal Counsel will be consulted and the content will either be restored to public view or permanently withdrawn from public view within A Century of Manitoba Jewish Physicians.