History of Medicine: Bibliography and Timeline

Dr. Ian Carr

Professor Emeritus, Faculty of Medicine, University of Manitoba



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References to Specific Topics

Historical Aspects of Aboriginal Medicine

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Women in Medicine

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The Medical Timeline: A Chronology of Medical History

 4500  Sumeria & Egyptian cultures start
 2980  Imhotep (Egypt) and the pyramid builders
 2700  Huang Ti (China)
 2250  Code of Hammurabi
 1500  Ebers papyrus
 460-431  Periclean Athens
 460-370  Hippocrates
 80  Mithridates and his mixture
 14 -37  Tiberius: Celsus
 117-138  Hadrian Aretaeus Soranus
 131-201  Galen
 369  Hospital of St Basil, Caesarea
 476  Fall of Western Roman Empire
 51  Hotel Dieu Paris founded
 848-1811  School of Salerno
 860-932  Rhazes
 871-901  Alfred the Great King of England
 1098-1179  Hildegarde of Bingen
 1158  University of Bologna
 1137  St. Bartholomew's Hospital London
 1222  University of Padua
 1270  Invention of spectacles-Venice
 1300-1368  Guy de Chauliac
 1322  Examination of Jacoba Felicie
 1347  Black Death
 1336-1453  Hundred Years War
 1440-1450  Printing
 1493-1551  Paracelsus
 1492  Discovery of America
 1494  Syphilis appears in Europe
 1505  Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh
 1510-1590  Ambroise Pare
 1520  Magellan's voyage plagued by scurvy
 1532  London bills of mortality
 1543  Vesalius at Padua; De Fabrica
 1578-1657  Harvey; 1628 De Motu Cordis
 1605  Champlain; autopsy on scurvy
 1639  Hotel Dieu de Quebec
 1665  Great Plague of London
 1673  Leeuwenhoek: microscope
 1701  Mary Wortley Montague -- variolation at Constantinople
 1770  William Hunter's Anatomy School, London
 1780  Benjamin Franklin: bifocal lenses
 1796  Edward Jenner: vaccination
 1811  Massachusetts General Hospital , Boston
 1815  Waterloo; Laennec & auscultation
 1817  Cooper: Ligation of abdominal aorta
 1824  Medical teaching Montreal & Toronto
 1830  Cholera epidemics
 1843  OW Holmes: cause of puerperal fever
 1842-7  Anaesthesia: Long, Morton, Wells,Simpson
 1849  Elizabeth Blackwell graduated
 1857  Florence Nightingale
 1867  Lister: antiseptic surgery
 1867  Emily Stowe graduated
 1871-2  Hospitals in Winnipeg